Mental Health Cafe

Come to Mental Health Cafe on the last Saturday of the month from August to June in Tallinn, Tartu, Viljandi, Kuressaare or Pärnu!

Sometimes we just need someone who is willing to be there and listen to us.

Volunteers who have completed the Mental Health First Aid Course are waiting for you in:

  • Tallinn at Rävala pst Reval Cafe (Rävala pst 3);
  • Tartu at Riga mnt Reval Cafe (Riia 4) ;
  • Viljandi at Viljandi Linnaraamatukogu (Viljandi City Library, Tallinna 11/1);
  • Pärnu at Pärnu Keskraamatukogu (Pärnu Central Library, Akadeemia 3);
  • Kuressaare at Good Food Mood Cafe (Tolli 4).

Volunteers will be wearing a white T-shirt with the message “Olen olemas”, referring to their availability to be your supportive listener. The silent presence of this message also implies that there are always people around us who are ready to listen and provide support.

It’s okay if starting the conversation seems complicated. The conversation menu of Mental Health Cafe is rich with ideas – you can find simpler flavours as well as delicious gourmet dishes that facilitate the starting of a conversation. 

You can order free tea or coffee during the conversation.

There are also workbooks (in Estonian and Russian) you can take home with you. The workbooks are on 3 different topics:
– anxiety
– depression
– mental health first aid

You are not alone!

See you in the cafe!

Vaimse tervise esmaabi vabatahtlikud on valmis vestlema:

Mental health first aid volunteers are ready to chat mainly in Estonian, Russian and English.

NB! Before going to the cafe, check which language the mental health first aid volunteers are going to be using. The schedule may be subject to last-minute changes.

Tallinna Rävala pst Reval Cafes:

9 -15 est/english
15 -17 est/rus

Viljandi Linnaraamatukogu:
10-11 est

11-13 est/eng
12-14 est/eng/german

12:30-14 est/eng

Tartu Riia mnt Reval Cafe:
10-12 est
12-14 est/eng
14-16 est

16-18 est/eng

18-20 est/rus

Pärnu Keskraamatukogu:
10-11 est/eng

11-13 est/eng/fin

13-15 est/rus

Kuressaare Good Mood Food Cafe:

11-15 est

Mental Health Cafes can be implemented thanks to: