The tasks of MTÜ Peaasjad include the promotion of young people’s mental health, the prevention of problems, early intervention, and the reduction of stigmatisation in our society.


Who is Peaasjad?

MTÜ Peaasjad connects people who care about mental health. The core of Peaasjad consists of mental health and youth work specialists, consultants, and supporters from different fields. Members of Peaasjad are united by their enthusiasm about, interest in, and respect for all things human. We aspire to address mental health issues in a way that is understanding, knowledgeable, and flexible, but also optimistic, more light-hearted, and more open.

What do we wish to achieve?

Just as our head is an important and normal part of our body, our mental health forms a part of our quality of life. We wish for mental health to be a visible and normal as a part our lives, just like our head is part of our body. We want everyone to know that they have mental health, which they should consider important and care for.

We carry everything that goes on in our heads with us. Each of us has a head and it is our right, opportunity, and responsibility to use it in the best possible way.

There are many good and useful ways of caring for the head and mental health that really work, both around the world as well as in Estonia. We want people to have the opportunity to take advantage of them and discuss them with each other.

We want less people to endure the suffering caused by mental disorders.

Currently, only one third of people who suffer from depression seek professional help. Anxiety disorders can often ruin several decades of a person’s life because they are not recognised and treated appropriately. People suffer from psychosis for years before they find help.

The stigmatisation of mental disorders cripples a significant percentage of the population of Estonia, making them more helpless and more ill.

It is known that early intervention can help to either prevent mental health disorders or to reduce their negative effects. Anyone can make themselves feel better. It is only a matter of finding the right tools for the job.

Mental health is a human right. We grant access to toolbox, to take care of it.


What are we going to do to achieve it?

We are going to make relevant, up-to-date, and evidence-based information available to everyone.

In order to achieve this:

  • We have developed the portal, which has an e-counselling function.
  • We are developing up-to-date services to make mental health help more accessible.
  • We provide trainings for young people, people who work with young people, companies, and other interested parties.
  • We use every opportunity to start public conversations about mental health.
  • We are curious and dedicated to always learning and improving to carry out high-quality, well-thought-out activities.

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